Life Insurance: Is it time to refinance your policy?

There can be many reasons for re-writing insurance these days:

  • The policy has an expiring term
  • The policy has built unneeded cash value that could be used to purchase a paid-up policy (or one with long-term care benefits)
  • The client quits smoking and now qualifies for a lower, non-smoker rate
  • The client is further out from a medical condition they had at the time of their last underwriting experience
  • Or (often overlooked) the insurance TODAY could just be less expensive than it was previously, even with all things remaining the same

Life insurance costs have actually become more affordable over the years as insurance companies have tried to price their policies more competitively in an effort to capture more market share.

So here’s a question: if you could refinance your mortgage for a lower rate, would you? People refinance their mortgages all the time and it actually costs money to do so. But you can refinance your insurance at no cost: no origination, application, appraisal and attorney fees, etc.

Put ISA to work for a no obligation review of your policy.

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