Supplemental Insurance


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A collection of affordable programs and insurance benefits with preferred pricing, designed to offer wellness solutions to meet the needs of employers of all sizes within our community.


Aflac is here to help build a stronger, more stable workforce.

Make your benefits package better with Aflac supplemental insurance. From meeting employee needs to maintaining productivity, offering quality coverage sets your business up for success.

Support Your Employees

Enhance your overall benefits package

Add Flexibility

Offer additional supplemental benefit options with or without an employer contribution


Provide workers with cash benefits to help pay out-of-pocket medical and indirect medical expenses

Help Protect Productivity

Maintain employee focus and productivity by helping with financial stress and anxiety

Aflac offers a suite of benefit options that can be offered as stand-alone benefits or that compliment an existing benefits package

Accident Advantage Plans

Short-Term Disability Options

Cancer Protection Assurance

Critical Care & Protection


Each policy offers multiple options to meet the needs and affordability of employees

One-Day Pay – Only From Aflac, lets you now that your employees will receive their benefit when they need it

Portable – Employees have made an investment in their policy and they don’t have to lose out on that if they move or retire

Wellness Benefits – For Routine and Preventive Care

Rates for Aflac policies are based on the industry of your business and would be available through a consultation.