Direct Primary Care

A collection of affordable programs and insurance benefits with preferred pricing, designed to offer wellness solutions to meet the needs of employers of all sizes within our community.

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

The direct primary care (DPC) model gives physicians a meaningful alternative to fee-for-service insurance billing, typically by charging patients a monthly fee.

The Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce and ISA have partnered with four local DPC providers to offer Chamber members access to memberships at an exclusive low monthly premium.



At Ashewell, no Insurance Is Needed! Our patients get free, unlimited appointments, wholesale medications, discounted labs, behavioral health services and many more benefits!

(We are really Good at the Care Part)

  • Unlimited Visits – No Copays, No Deductibles
  • Unlimited access to our Doctors through phone, email and text
  • Unhurried visits
  • Same or Next Day Visits for urgent matters
  • Wholesale in-house Pharmacy
  • Wholesale Labs
  • Discounted Specialty Care
  • Discounted Imaging
  • Annual Physical
  • Well-GYN Care
  • Diet and Nutrition Counseling

$79 Per Month, Per Employee

*Exclusive for Chamber Members – First Month’s fee is waived*

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Hassle-free care when, where and how you need it. Downtown Asheville’s direct primary care practice

We believe in caring for the whole person – so that you not only get well when you’re sick, but also stay well when you’re not. As a member of Lantern Health, you receive comprehensive care that includes personalized prevention, nutrition and exercise counseling, chronic disease management and care for those occasional sick days.

What’s Included in Your Membership

Comprehensive Primary Care

» Complete physical and wellness assessments

» Health coaching in behavioral health, exercise and nutrition with healthy cooking classes

» Chronic disease management

» Prenatal care

» Common lab tests: blood sugar, metabolic panel, blood counts, urinalysis, pregnancy, flu and rapid strep testing

» Basic x-rays

» Routine vaccinations: flu, tetanus and Tdap

» Minor in-office procedures, such as skin lesion removal, basic suturing and breathing treatments

» Physician-facilitated care coordination and specialist referrals

Immediate Access Office Visit

Walk-in, same-day and next-day appointments for acute, and chronic and preventive care.

24/7 Provider Access

Virtual access via phone, text, email and video. Telehealth e-visits are also available between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. daily.

Best-in-Class Technology Platform

Schedule appointments online, access your health records and avoid the hassle of completing routine paperwork and phone tree madness with effortless communication.

Additional Perks

Reduced and transparent pricing for services not included in your membership, such as prescription medications, screening and imaging referrals and in-office procedures like joint injections and skin biopsies.

Our rates are simple. And we offer a 15% Discount to Chamber Members! 

Employee $70 per month

Spouse / Domestic Partner $60 per month

1 Child (age 0-17) $45 per month

2 Children (age 0-17) $90 per month

3 or more Children (age 0-17) $135

ZERO Copays, Ever

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Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville pioneered Asheville’s first direct primary care clinic in 2011.

We offer a team-based wellness program consisting of expert medical care, health coaching, and nutrition counseling. Our goal is to help patients succeed in preventing, treating, and reversing disease while avoiding the need for costly hospital care. We provide an integrative primary care approach and partner with our patients to help them live their healthiest lives possible. By optimizing nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and meaningful relationships in their lives, we empower patients to take charge of their wellness. We have also developed an extensive network of healthcare providers in the community who offer our patients significant discounts on their specialty services.

Our values are at the heart of what we do. Underlying our business operations is a focus on environmental stewardship and fostering a healthier Asheville community. We make monthly charitable donations to local nonprofits to support their important educational and advocacy work. We take pride in running an independent business that can work in a cohesive way with other businesses and citizens of the greater Asheville area.

We are available for our patients at all of life’s stages—from infancy to geriatrics

Proven track record: We have been working with some of Asheville’s most established businesses for the past 9 years. We work with both small and large businesses, scaling our services to your needs

Pharmacy program option: Medications delivered to patients’ homes by a licensed pharmacy for $20/month. Unlimited formulary medications

Wholesale pricing on lab tests 

More time with your medical provider: Each medical providers’ total panel is limited to 500 patients. Typical non-direct primary care providers take on 2500-3000 patients. This means we spend the time needed with patients and never rush them out the door

Weekend, after-hours, and telemedicine access : 24 hour support available for our patients. We offer phone and/or video chat appointments. We provide direct email communication with medical provider through our secure electronic medical record platform

Average appointment wait time of 5 minutes or less

Same day and next day urgent appointment availability


Discounted pricing with local collaborating providers 

Special Chamber of Commerce pricing 

Monthly rate of $79 

 $50 per month for children of two full paying adults

Waived Copay for Chamber Members

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Through Wild Health Asheville, Synergy Direct Primary Care delivers the best of primary care!

We believe that enabling individuals to take control of their own care is the healthiest way to practice medicine. We offer a unique healthcare model that has several advantages over the current

insurance-driven fee-for-service approach.

How Wild Health Asheville STANDS APART

We are a primary care clinic expanding the boundaries of traditional healthcare

Speaking Directly

We want patients to be more actively engaged in their care and more in control of their well being.

We want employers to be in the position to offer their employees smarter healthcare

coverage. So we provide an affordable Direct Model for healthcare services—which means we

do not receive reimbursements from insurance companies, Medicare, or Medicaid. This direct pay

model allows us to keep costs down and to spend more and better-quality time with

each patient, resulting in shorter wait times, non-rushed appointments, quick scheduling,

and extended office hours.

Wild Health Asheville & SYNERGY Direct Primary Care  IS A WIN-WIN 

Benefits to You

  • Increased productivity with a healthy workforce
  • A dedicated Medical Director, responsible and accountable for the health of your workforce and overall spending
  • Eliminated unnecessary costs such as:
  • Administration fees from insurance coding and billing
  • Needless insurance-incentivized procedures
  • High-cost visits for simple needs
  • High-cost specialists

Benefits to Your Employees 

  • An affordable health plan
  • No hidden costs or uncertainty in coverage
  • Individualized care with personal attention
  • More comprehensive wellness tools
  • Adds efficiency to insurance plans
  • More disposable income through reduced medical bills

Monthly Rates

Ages 0-25 $35 per month*

Ages 26+ $70 per Month* 

Family Plan – $200 per Month*

*No enrollment fee but 6-month commitment required

*family plan is for parents and their children 

Chamber Members will have access to extra services free of cost!

This fee covers all patient evaluation and management services, preventive care, chronic-disease management, health coaching, urgent care evaluation, basic mental health evaluation, and treatment.

*Exclusive for Chamber Members for No Additional Fee*

No Copays, Telehealth, assistance with completing paperwork – FMLA, Biometrics, etc.

Referrals to specialists (PT, Dermatology, Allergy, etc.)

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